Using Hightail

Using our Hightail account, you can access the upload utility from any up-to-date internet browser. Make sure you have checked the instructions below before uploading your files.

Adobe RGB?

Our standard printing profile is Adobe RGB. Please make sure you convert all your files to this profile before sending them. If you send images in any other profile there is a risk of images not printing as you expected.


What Size?

Make sure you have sized your files to 300ppi at the required size, saved as a JPEG or TIFF, and organise them into folders that best describe what you need.


Paper Surface?

If all your prints are to be printed on only one paper surface, then just tell us in the 'Message' section of the upload page. If your order is more complicated, then add the paper surface to your image folder names (not file name).


ZIP it

DONT SEND SEPERATE FILES AND FOLDERS! Compress all your files and folders into one single ZIP file. You can use your embedded compression software on your Mac or Windows system.