Flush Mounted Albums

Perfect for weddings and portrait sessions, these hand-made albums are constructed using the finest cover materials, and using real photographic prints to form the pages.
Each page is referred to as a 'double page spread', as every open spread is made with a single print, which means there is no visual break at the spine and you can expand your images seamlessly across pages.
You can see by the image on the right, that the pages are thick and not flexible like a press-printed book. Parent Albums are smaller versions of the same album, designed as an add-on sale to the parents of a bride and groom.

All our Flushmounted albums are available in sizes from 8x6 to 20x16 inches, and you can design your own double page spreads using our Photoshop page templates, or build using your own software to our specifications. Anything goes, if you can design it, then we can print it, just send us your finished tiffs or jpegs.

flushmounted albums

Simple Cover
Extremely versatile, this album in simple but classical. You can choose from a wide range of covering materials including genuine leather hide, Shantung Silk and classic book cloth. The album is then finished with a custom debossing or foiling using a choice of font sizes and styles.


Three Piece Cover
A variation on the Simple Cover, you can use a second cover material, to change the colour or texture of the spine. Try to stick to a leather for the spine, as it is more durable.


Image Wrap Cover
Design your own cover using our image cover templates, and add imaged to the front, back and the spine of the album. The image is then printed onto specialist material, and made into a full image wrap cover.


Duo Cover
Choose from two materials to cover your album, with this twist on a tradition quarter-wrap binding.


Duo Image Cover
Your image is printed onto buchram embossed paper, and laminated with a satin layer to protect the print, before being wrapped around part of the front cover. Then choose from a huge range of materials to cover the rest of the album.


Duo Acrylic Cover
A metallic print mounted under high quality Perspex, then finished with your choice of leather or cloth. This option has proved to be one of the most popular designs for the contemporary wedding photographer.

Photo Window

Photo Window
Add one or more custom photo windows to the front of any simple cover. Send us a scale Photoshop image of the cover with the size and shape of the window you require and we will reproduce it on your cover.

debossing or foiling

Debossing (Blind or with Foil)
Imprint your album with one of the font styles and sizes shown. One or two lines only, but you can mix the fonts, making each line different. Foiling is available in different colours but choose carefully as we cannot change the colour once stamped onto the album.


Quite a broad term, but that's because we are open to your ideas. A simple idea might be to add ribbon to the front of the album, or you may want a personal decorative item attached. Let us know your idea, and we will do our best to make it happen.


Metallic Pages
If you want pages to be bold and glossy, then try getting your pages printed on Fuji Pearl Metallic paper.
You can have just one page, or the whole album printed on this beautiful surface.


Thick Pages
So you only have a few pages in your album, and you think it could look cheap too thin? Then thicken up your pages with this upgrade. Adding 40% extra thickness to your pages. (approx.)

These smaller albums are designed to be produced alongside your main album. Matching the aspect ratio and page quantity means we can use your original design from the main album, then place the finished book into a cover that is similar - but not the same - to the main album.

Sell to the parents or close friends of the happy couple and generate extra sales without extra work. See our price list for size conversions and pricing.


Sample Albums
Investing in new sample albums is a huge investment for any photographer. So to ease the pain and encourage our customers to show a choice to their clients, we have cut the cost of any sample albums by 15% The album will be embossed on the rear cover with "SAMPLE", but other than this minor addition, the rest of the album can be made to your specification, using your choice of materials.

All our Flushmounted albums are available in sizes from 8x6 to 20x16 inches, and you can design your own double page spreads using our Photoshop page templates, or build using your own software to our specifications. Anything goes, if you can design it, then we can print it, just send us your finished tiffs or jpegs.


Work out exactly what you need.
To make ordering easier, it will help if you know exactly what you want us to produce, and feel free to contact us at this point, if you have any questions.

Things to think about:

  • These albums are only available for A4 and A3 sheets of paper. So not for small sheets, as the glue will be exposed and stick the pages together.
  • Do you buy the album now or later? - If you already have prints to go inside, then fine, order now if you wish, but if you intend to print all your photo's later, then order the album and get them printed at CPL at the same time at a special price.
  • Page quantities are always difficult, but albums are only available in multiples of 5 pages (10 sides).
  • Upright or landscape? - Try to make your images the same orientation to get the best effect, but if you have some that are the opposite, you could always put 2 images on one sheet.
  • Borders? - When the sheet is placed in the album, there will be a small border around the sheet, so images will seem to already have a border. Maybe borderless prints will look better.
  • You get a free standard black box, but do you want to go a step further with a custom box.
  • What colour album, make sure to look at the cover materials tab.


Prepare your images for the album
There is a full set of file preparation instructions in our support section, but the important things are that you make sure digital images are high enough resolution for the print size you need, and that you are absolutely sure they are colour managed and ready to go, or you need us to colour correct the images for you.


Place your order
Albums are available to order via e-mail, and for collection next day. Let us know:

  • How many pages.
  • What colour
  • What you want debossing on the front.
  • Let us know if you want a box upgrade. If you want a custom box, then create the layout using out clamshell templates in the download tab.

To order the prints, either drop into the lab with a USB drive, CD or DVD, or send your files over the internet with our upload system. Just be sure to follow the preparation instructions before you start.


Albums Price List
Our most recent price list for all our Portfolio and Flushmounted Albums.


Flushmount Page Photoshop Templates
Download our Zip file containing all our Photoshop page templates, on each file you can see the trim areas and centre fold line.


Page layout - for those using your own software
This PDF is a basic layout guide for using your own choice of album creation software. So if you use Photojunction, YouSelect It or DGfotoArt, to name just a few, you can follow these measurements to get perfect album pages.