Designing Service

Using our design service makes album designing simple. Just upload your images to us, let us know your preferred design style, and our designers will take care of the rest.
All the images are colour corrected before we start, and each of our album designs are created from scratch not just dropped into pre-made templates, this ensures that every album is always unique to your images and event.
We allow three revisions to be made to the design, within our basic pricing structure, as we feel this is more than enough to get things perfect before the design is finally signed-off for printing.

It's amazing how the details matter in a wedding album. Shoot the wedding with the album in mind, taking time to shoot the details.
Shots of the flowers, dress, cake are common place for a standard photo shoot, but take time to soak up the ambience of the day too, colour schemes and lighting will set the backdrop and tone of the finished design.

Clean & Modern

This is our most popular design style. Images are presented in clean layouts with no extraneous distractions. The images themselves tell the story and backgrounds are in either white or black, and a thin border may be added to the photos. No tilts. No fades - Clean and Simple.

Graphic Design

A design enspired from magazine layouts. Using rows and columns of different faded or solid blocks to define shape and structure and seperate images throught the album. Popular with or studio photographers as well as our wedding, it can be a great design for creating a colour theme.

Floral Design - 1

A variation on the 'Clean & Modern' design, this option adds a curled stem and leaf motif throughout the design. Clean white pages with no colour, making your images stand off the pages.